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Birth Announcements

Source: Martha Stewart Baby, Volume 1 Special Issue 2000


Spread the baby news with easy, iconic cards.


  • Glue

  • Fabric

  • Scissors


  1. To make a tiny snap T-shirt announcement, use our template and any leftover fabric lying around. Glue the T-shirt onto a plain-bordered card. Write the baby's information -- name, date of birth, and measurements -- at the bottom of the card, or use a specially made rubber stamp.

  2. Take pictures of your baby's face, using black-and-white film and natural sunlight (flashes are not good for babies' eyes). Ask the photo processor for a contact sheet. Cut out each frame, and glue the separate pictures on plain-bordered cards from a stationer. Rubber-stamp or write the baby's information at the bottom of the card.

  3. To create a little diaper pocket to hold a small card with all the details, use our template. Leftover wallpaper from the baby's room makes a good material. Fold diaper along dotted lines. Punch two holes at diaper's closure, and tie with a ribbon, or insert a diaper pin.

  4. Another idea: Cut paper measures to the length of your newborn, and tag with birth information. Buy tape measures at sewing stores (or get just one and make photocopies). Punch hole through tape measure to attach tag.

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