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Window Washing

The Martha Stewart Show, April 2009

Every April, the arrival of spring means so many things -- from bulbs and vegetables sprouting to the annual spring-clean, one of Martha's favorite rituals. One of the most important elements of spring-cleaning is washing your windows so that everything looks as fresh as spring itself.

Window Cleaning with Panes of Glass
When cleaning a door with panes, all you need is Windex and absorbent paper towels. Crumple the paper towel up a bit -- you'll be using it and re-crumpling it all through the washing of the windows. Start at the top, of course, and work your way down the window. Do about six squares at a time, and spread the Windex all over the windows; be sure to get into the corners. Then, re-crumple your paper towel and go over the windows once more to make sure they are free of lint, dust, dirt, and streaks.

Windex: Outdoor All-in-One tool
This is an easy tool to make cleaning outdoor windows fast and easy. The handle can reach up to 11 feet (without a ladder) and the water-activated cleaning pad (each pad cleans 20 standard windows) contains a Windex Sheeting Action Formula so there's no need to hand dry -- just spray with water, wipe with the Windex cleaning pad, and rinse. The All-in-One glass-cleaning tool has a water-activated cleaning pad that breaks down tough dirt and grime on contact.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Windex for giving members of the studio audience a Windex Glass Cleaning Starter Kit. For more information on the giveaway or any Windex products, visit

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