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James David's Gardens

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For more than twenty years, a lush and unconventional nursery -- known simply as Gardens -- has been supplying the residents of Austin, Texas, with a diverse range of exotic and native plants suited to its hot, dry climate.

According to the nursery's founder, landscape architect James David, unusual plant combinations -- of contrasting colors, textures, and even heights -- can enhance the individual beauty of each plant. Following this philosophy, James and his team of gardeners select various heat- and drought-tolerant plants that are native either to the area or to regions with similar conditions, such as the South African ice plant and Australian tree fern. The team then creates striking landscapes that change weekly, juxtaposing everything from conifers to succulents in the nursery's small space. Complemented by James' collection of unusual planters and pots, the nursery serves as an extraordinary resource for the region's gardeners.

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