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Soft-Boiled-Egg Candles

These simple and decorative candles are the perfect addition to a spring brunch table and look like real eggs.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, March 2007


Resources: To purchase an egg topper, Visit to purchase beeswax and wire-core primed wicks.


  • Raw brown eggs

  • Egg topper

  • Bowl

  • Soap

  • Block of white beeswax

  • Block of yellow beeswax

  • Double boiler to melt wax

  • Small spoon or melon baller

  • Skewer

  • Wicks dipped in wax


  1. Remove the top from a raw egg using an egg topper. Discard contents into a bowl. Wash the eggshell in soapy water. Let the eggshells dry completely.

  2. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly whenever handling raw eggs.

  3. With your fingers, break edges of egg to make it shallower and to create a jagged look around the edge (the eggshell will blacken if it curves over the top of a lit wick.)

  4. Pour white wax into an egg, nearly to the top. Let cool until partially hardened, about 1/2 hour. With a small spoon or melon baller, scoop out a crater in the center of the wax. Remove wax, set aside.

  5. Use a skewer to poke a hole through the center of the "crater" to the bottom of the eggshell. Remove skewer. Insert primed wick (already dipped in wax) into the hole. Fill the crater with melted yellow wax. Let cool for several hours. Trim wick to a quarter inch above the surface of "egg yolk."

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