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Glitter Ornaments

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


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Glitter can transform plain glass ornaments, nuts, and pinecones into stunning holiday decorations that bring some winter shimmer indoors. Use fine-grain silver and gold glitter, and obtain different shades by mixing in other vibrant colors to reach the desired effect. Thinned-down water-soluble craft glue works well on the myriad surfaces to be transformed. (Too much glitter can seem overwhelming, so it's best to use it sparingly.)

Glittered-glass ornaments will look beautiful on your tree or hanging from your mantel. Look for old ornaments at flea markets and tag sales, and try using unexpected shapes, not just spheres. Glittered nuts look lovely in a glass fruit compote. Adhere just a little glitter to a pair of sugar pinecones, so that it looks like freshly fallen snow. Using a silvery metallic ribbon, make the pinecones into a tassel you can hang on your door.

To store ornaments, wrap them individually in acid-free tissue paper and pack them into sturdy containers with dividers. These can be found at discount and housewares stores during the Christmas season. Store boxes of ornaments in a dry place. Keep them away from the attic or the basement, where temperature and humidity tend to fluctuate too much.


  • Craft glue

  • Small paintbrush

  • Glass ornaments, old and new

  • Fine-grain glitter

  • Kraft paper, to cover work surface

  • Assorted nuts, in shell

  • Small bowls or containers, one for each color glitter

  • Pinecones

  • 1/2-inch eye hooks

  • Glass compote

  • Ribbon (we used metallic silver)

  • Scissors


  1. Brush a very thin layer of glue over the entire surface of the ornament. You may need to thin down the glue with water.

  2. Hold the ornament over a container filled with glitter and, using a spoon, sprinkle glitter on the ornament until it is completely covered. Turn the ornament as you apply the glitter.

  3. You may need to apply the glue and glitter on larger ornaments one section at a time.

  4. When the ornament is completely covered, gently tap off the excess glitter.

  5. Set the ornament on a sheet of Kraft paper, or hang it to dry.

  6. Brush a very thin layer of glue over entire surface of one nut. If you apply too much glue, you won't be able to see the definition of the nut's surface.

  7. Roll the nut in glitter until coated by gently shaking the container in a circular motion. Avoid touching the nut with your fingers. When the nut is completely coated, lift it out and gently tap off the excess glitter.

  8. Set nuts on a clean sheet of Kraft paper to dry.

  9. Drill a hole in the top of each pinecone, and screw in a 1/2-inch eye hook.

  10. Apply glue and glitter in sections. If you cover the whole pinecone with glue, it will dry before you are able to apply glitter. Use silver glitter and apply to the tips of the pinecone only.

  11. Working over a large piece of Kraft paper, sprinkle glitter over the pinecone with a spoon. Tap off excess glitter onto bowl. You can lift paper to pour excess glitter back into container.

  12. Turn pinecone over and repeat this process on the undersides of the tips.

  13. Thread each eye hook with 1 yard of ribbon, such as metallic silver ribbon. Make sure to tie a knot at the end of the ribbon closest to the eye hook to prevent the pinecone from slipping off.

  14. Knot ribbons together, and adjust them after you've hung the garland.

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