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Mike Albo has perfected the art of partying. Here, he shares his best party-behavior tactics.

Party Behavior 101

  • Go early: If you know the host well, this is a great way to put the party planner at ease. You can help with last-minute details or occupy another guest who showed up early and maybe doesn't know the host so well.
  • The French good-bye: If you must leave early, sometimes it's best to slip out unnoticed.
  • Exit before the exodus: There's always a point when everyone starts putting on their coats. The best time to leave a party is just before that moment.
  • If you really don't want to go to the party but already said you would, prepare a foolproof excuse. Children make excellent excuses, Mike says. As do digestive ailments.


Learn more about Mike Albo and his book, "The Underminer."


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