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Fine Meshed Sieve

Everyday Food, Volume 13 June 2004

This tool comes in several sizes and is just right for straining liquids and dusting desserts with confectioners' sugar.

Why They're So Great
The mesh screen traps small particles, allowing you to strain stocks, sauces, fresh juices, and other liquids. A sieve can also be used as a flour sifter to remove lumps.

What to Look For
For an all-purpose sieve, choose a medium-size one that's made of stainless steel and has a sturdy frame and fairly long handle. A curved hook allows the sieve to rest over a bowl or pot.

Where to Find Them
You can buy sieves (also called strainers) in kitchenware and houseware stores, as well as in some supermarkets.

How to Clean Them
Stainless-steel sieves can go in the dishwasher. Use a brush to clean around the inside edge.

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