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Ornament Basket

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Volume 145 December 2005


  • Silver ornaments

  • Floral picks

  • Floral tape

  • Plastic liner

  • Basket

  • Floral foam

  • Juniper and cedar sprigs

  • Eucalyptus leaves


  1. Use ornaments with bases thin enough to be wrapped to a floral pick. Remove ornaments' toppers (from which they are hung).

  2. Attach each ornament to a floral pick: Wrap base of ornament and the top of pick together with floral tape. 

  3. Place a plastic liner in basket; trim to fit. Trim floral foam to fit liner; soak according to manufacturer's instructions. Place in liner. 

  4. Push greenery sprigs, leaves, and ornaments into floral foam.

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