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Glittered Easter Crafts: Cabbage Basket


To dress up your Easter table, glitz up a cabbage basket with glitter. When using glitter, you can sift it through a tea strainer for easy application.


  • Small papier-mache round box (bottom half only)

  • Paint

  • Medium paintbrush

  • Faux cabbage

  • Craft glue

  • Glitter

  • Twigs and vines for handle

  • Hot gun

  • Floral wire

  • Wire cutter

  • Name tag (optional)


  1. Paint inside of bottom half of box.

  2. Cut apart faux cabbage, separating into four sizes of individual leaves, with six of each size. Start with box upside down. Hot glue smallest interior leaves evenly spaced around the box with 1/2 inch of bottom of leaves glued to the bottom of the box.

  3. Turn box right side up and use a dab of glue to tack leaf to side of box, near the bottom. Hot glue next largest leaves around this first layer, overlapping and staggering them. Then, glue the next largest leaves over this layer, with their points meeting on the bottom in the center. Glue largest leaves to bottom, also with points meeting on the bottom in the center.

  4. Cut five vines into 12-inch lengths. Twist together and wrap floral wire around each end, cutting ends evenly. Bend and hot glue to each side of the box. Pull leaves down to give them a natural cabbage shape. Dry brush a small amount of craft glue onto the leaves. Dust with glitter. Glue name tag to the top of the handle.

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