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Outdoor Lighting: Winter Arrangement

These flowers brighten the coldest of winter nights.

Photography: Victoria Pearson

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2007


For more ideas and installation tips, see Nights All Aglow.


  • Three 48-inch lengths, nine 10-inch lengths

  • Five 36-inch lengths of 1/8-inch plain round rod

  • 24-gauge floral wire

  • Hot-glue gun (optional)

  • About two hundred 1/8-inch white light sculpture clips

  • Three 50-bulb strands of single-ended white wire mini lights

  • Small zip ties

  • Blackout caps

  • Flower bucket or similar cylindrical object

  • Bolt cutters and safety goggles

  • Five 15-bulb strands of single-ended white wire mini lights

  • 3-inch-wide PVC pipe cut to fit below urn's rim when vertical

  • Weatherproof urn

  • Gravel

  • Batting (optional)


  1. On a flat surface, lash together three 10-inch rods near end of a 48-inch rod with floral wire; crisscross until secure, above left. (For added strength, use hot glue.) Repeat with remaining rods to make 3 flowers.

  2. On each flower, attach 4 clips to each rod "petal" and 12 to each "stem," spacing them evenly. Place bulb end of 50-bulb strand in an outermost clip on 1 petal. Wind wire around each petal and down stem, fitting each bulb into a clip, above center.

  3. Bundle remaining length at stem base, secure with zip tie, and place blackout caps on unused lights.

  4. To form curve in leaves, bend five 36-inch rods around flower bucket. Use bolt cutters to trim 2 inches from end of curved part. Place 15 clips on each bent rod. Place bulb end of a 15-bulb strand of lights in first clip on curved portion. Wind strand around wire, fitting each bulb into a clip, above center. Repeat step 3. Repeat with other bent rods.

  5. Place pipe in center of urn; pack with gravel.

  6. Put stems and leaves in pipe, allowing plug end of each strand to come over top of pipe; connect plugs in pot. Bend stems and leaves to create desired effect.

  7. For "snow," layer batting over gravel; make sure it doesn't touch the lights.

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