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How to Eat a Lobster

Martha Stewart Living, July 2004

To get the most meat with the least effort, have nutcrackers and small forks or picks on hand. (Get even more out of your lobster by using a rolling pin to ease the meat out of each of the eight legs. Apply pressure from tip to base.) Some people enjoy the green liver, or tomalley, from the lobster's carapace, or body; mix it with lemon juice or butter and spread it on crackers.

1. Remove lobster from pot with tongs; let cool. If you like, snip the tips of claws and let liquid drain out. Remove rubber bands. Twist claws with their knuckles from the body. Separate knuckles from claws. Crack knuckles open; remove meat.

2. Grasp "thumb" and bend it back to snap it off.

3. Crack claw in half; remove meat.

4. Pull off legs. Twist tail from the joint where it meets the body.

5. Pull off tail fins. Bend tail backward to crack off end of shell.

6. Use your fingers to push tail meat out opposite side; remove with fork.

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