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Fix a Hole in the Wall

We all have dents or holes in our walls, and it couldn't be easier to make small repairs yourself.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, November 2008


  • Adhesive mesh tape

  • Scissors

  • Spackle knife

  • Premixed all-purpose joint compound

  • Mesh sandpaper

  • Damp rag

  • Primer


  1. Pick off any loose paint or drywall around the hole with your fingers.

  2. Cut and place a patch of adhesive mesh tape to cover the hole.

  3. With a spackle knife, apply a thin coat of premixed all-purpose joint compound, covering a generous area around the tape.

  4. Let dry for a couple of hours.

  5. Sand with mesh sandpaper.

  6. Wipe down with a damp rag.

  7. Reapply, if necessary.

  8. Prime area before painting.

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