The perfect paste is quite literally the glue that holds any DIY project together, so why skimp on the stuff that sticks?

The perfect paste is quite literally the glue that holds any DIY project together, so why skimp on the stuff that sticks? While Elmer's nontoxic white formula is a key component of any crafter's tool box, there are a plethora of other formulas to know and love. After all, one would hardly use wood glue to marry a multitude of fabrics, or seal a simple foam sculpture with Krazy Glue. Since Elmer's white glue first hit the market in 1947, the number of adhesives available has grown almost too large to count. But choosing the best one for a particular job is easy when you understand how glues work and how to use them.

Often, more than one type of glue can be used for a project. To select the best one, consider its setting time, ease of use, and special characteristics. Other things to consider are how a glue ages and its toxicity. Rubber cement, for example, yellows papers and photographs over time, even though its suppleness makes it good for things that move, like pop-up cards; your task will dictate whether you can trade some flexibility for the stability of an acid-free glue stick, which won't discolor. Toxicity is always a concern, especially around children; safety levels range widely, from epoxies that must be kept away from skin to pastes that are not harmful even if ingested. Heat is also a consideration when crafting with children; a hot glue gun can simplify a crafts project, but must be wielded by the proper person. Our glossary of

essential glues and

specialty glues will help you choose the right one for the job.

Essential Glues

Hot Glue Gun

A staple of many crafters' cupboards, the glue gun is a quick fix for adhesive needs. Keep burns at bay by ensuring that children are supervised when in the midst of a hot glue gun project.

UHUstic Glue Stick

Paper projects wouldn't be complete without a UHUstic Glue Stick.

Sobo Craft Glue

Tend to shredded attire and all of your essential crafts with Sobo Craft Glue.

Spray Adhesive

Delicate components respond beautifully to spray adhesive.

Wood Glue

Create carpentry projects sans nails with slow-drying wood glue.

Elmer's Glue-All

With its affordable price and myriad of uses, Elmer's Glue-All is a crafter's best friend.


Specialty Glues

Two Part Epoxy

Nonporous elements respond beautifully to this incredibly durable glue.

Rubber Cement

Paper crafts and rubber cement are a match made in heaven.

Coccoina Paste

Affix pictures and paper together with coccoina paste.

Krazy Glue

Notorious for its quick drying time and strength, Krazy Glue is a must for heavy-duty gluing projects.

Tacky Glue

The glutinous consistency and texture of tacky glue make the substance a wonderful adhesive option.

China & Glass Cement

A powerful adhesive perfect for china, this cement will even withstand the dishwasher.


Expert crafters can put their knowledge of glue to the test with a myriad of creative creations. Whether prepping for a ghostly glow-in-the-dark Halloween or a beautiful bug party for children, glowing hot glue-gun creatures are a must.

A festival of flowers simply isn't complete without an illuminated bouquet. Entwined around a stately pillar, these floral party lights are beautifully bohemian.

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