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Simple Scrapbooking Tips

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, May 2007


Tips for a Wedding Scrapbook
Take proof sheets from your photographer, color-copy them, cut them up, and glue them onto the pages of your scrapbook. You can also glue in all your letters, cards, and even emails from well-wishers.

Another great idea is to take a color photocopy of the front page of the newspaper for the day you're scrapbooking and then shrink it down. On the opposite page, you can write things that were relevant on that day, such as popular songs, world events, popular movies, and trends. Darcy published "Our Wedding Scrapbook" as an easy way for a bride to chronicle her experiences by filling in the pages.

Tip for Travel Scrapbook
You don't need to take a lot of pictures. Just take your favorite photo, upload it to your computer, and print it out nice and large. Then, paste it into the book. Darcy likes to bring the book with her, paint on a page with her travel watercolor kit, and then paste in the picture when she gets home. If you're not an artist, you could just as easily journal on the page. Take pictures horizontal and vertically so you have the option of having it be a single page or a double-page spread.

Wondering what to do with all those oversize pictures from nursery school? You can crop little sections of them and frame them in Martha Stewart Crafts photo matte boards. Darcy labels each one with the name her daughter chooses for it and makes a little gallery.

For an Event
Glue a Mylar envelope onto a page and tuck in the backstage pass or ticket or other memorabilia.

For Darcy's page about her daughter's trip to the set of Martha to meet the author of "Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy," Darcy used a scalloped-edge punch to punch around a piece of double-sided Martha scrapbooking paper. She added a shrunken color copy of the cover of the book. And, she "journaled" on some of the Martha Stewart Crafts labels about their trip. And, one last Good Thing is that she included a sleeve with a DVD of the segment.

Another Tip
Take one big picture and embellish it. You can also write yourself a postcard and send it home to yourself and tuck that into a glassine sleeve. You can also keep sand and small shells in a smaller envelope (don't forget to close it!) that you tuck inside.

For a Scrapbook of a First Birthday
Instead of collaging a lot of photos, Darcy uses clear archival sleeves, which she pastes into the book. They come in all different sizes, so you can print out several of your favorite photos and then slip them into the sleeves. You can also slip in the invitation to the party, the candle from the cake, and even a photo copy of the tablecloth you used. It's fun to decorate the page with things like polka-dot stickers. Another trick is, instead of writing on the page of your actual scrapbook, write on a card and paste a picture in the middle, and slip that into an archival sleeve. Darcy's favorite idea is using an accordion card from Martha Stewart Crafts to make a little photo album called "My Little Friends" with photos of all the kids that came to the party.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Darcy Miller, editorial director of Weddings, for sharing her personal scrapbooks, and EK Success and Martha Stewart Crafts for providing everyone in the audience with an edge punch, scissors, and scrapbook paper. Many of the photos seen in this segment were taken by Donna Newman,

For more information on the HP Photosmart C71980 All-in-One, visit or call 877-803-7124. For the Light Impression sleeves (top-load Mylar envelopes; 10 per pack, $9.34 to $14.95), go to The following Martha Stewart Crafts products used in this segment are available at Michaels Stores or at
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Classic CD Label Set: 8 count, $7.99
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Classic Accordion Photo Folder with Photo Corners: $4.99
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