Once considered a peasant dish, short ribs-rectangles of beef usually taken from the chuck cut-are gaining increasing popularity and a newfound appreciation. Unlike back ribs, which have more bone than meat, short ribs consist of generous layers of meat and fat, and require long, slow, moist-heat cooking to release the beef's succulent flavor.

Martha is joined by chef Riad Nasr of Balthazar, one of New York City's most popular restaurants. There, he and chef Lee Hanson have created an exquisite bistro menu, including this favorite of short ribs, which are served with mashed potatoes and glazed carrots. When preparing this recipe, first brown the short ribs to render the excess fat and build a strong foundation for the dish; the juices and pan scrapings will be used to enrich the cooking liquid. Then, braise the short ribs to yield the most tender, flavorful meat.

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Riad Nasr



80 Spring Street

New York, NY 10012



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