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Nature Walk Bracelet

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 14 2004


With treasures picked up during outdoor walks and hikes, your child can make a fashionable bracelet. As she finds interesting objects, she attaches them to tape (the sticky side is on the outside) that's been tied around her wrist. Afterward, plastic wrap will protect her new finery, which doubles as a summer keepsake.


  • Wide masking or colorful electrical tape

  • Plastic wrap

  • Hole punch or needle

  • String


  1. Cut a piece of wide masking or colorful electrical tape to fit around the wrist, plus 1/2 inch more.

  2. Wrap tape around child's wrist, tacky side up, overlapping ends to secure.Press collected items onto tape.

  3. Later, with sticky side up, fold both ends under a few times.

  4. Lay plastic wrap over sticky part of bracelet, and trim excess.

  5. With a small hole punch or needle, make a hole through ends; tie a 5-inch piece of string through each hole.

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