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Bird and Butterfly Place Card Crafts

Add a festive touch to the table for Mother's Day or any special occasion with these whimsical place cards from crafter Liz Smith.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 5128


Note: The pasta machine and all other tools used for this craft should be designated for craft use only -- do not use with food after contact with clay, even if cleaned. It is safe to bake clay in a conventional oven that is also used for food.

Butterfly and bird acrylic stamp sets and stamp mounts, fine glitter, and craft knife available from Martha Stewart Crafts. All other tools and materials available at crafts stores.


  • Pearlized polymer clay

  • Pasta machine or craft/clay rolling machine

  • Rubber or acrylic stamp

  • Craft knife

  • Fine glitter

  • Liquid polymer clay

  • Covered floral wire

  • Small pliers

  • Oven

  • Embossing heat gun

  • Instant-bond permanent glue


  1. Flatten half a package of pearlized clay with a pasta machine set on the thickest setting. Fold flattened clay over itself to double the thickness.

  2. Impress clay with stamp. Cut out around the design with a craft knife.

  3. Place clay cutout on a piece of paper and sprinkle with glitter. Shake off excess glitter.

  4. Apply a coat of clear liquid polymer clay to cutout.

  5. Form a small lump of clay into a sphere and cut away two sides to create a stand for the back of the design. With pliers, curl one end of a length of floral wire into a spiral and insert it into the top of the stand to create a hole. Remove wire and set aside.

  6. Bake cutout and stand pieces in an oven according to polymer clay manufacturer's directions (usually 275 degrees for 25 minutes).

  7. After it is baked, liquid polymer clay is translucent, but not transparent. Use an embossing heat gun to heat the surface of the cutout for less than a minute, which transforms the cloudy matte surface to a clear glossy one.

  8. Use an instant-bond permanent glue to adhere stand to the back of the cutout, and to secure wire into hole in stand.

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