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Pose for a Picture

The Martha Stewart Show, November 2006

Getting that perfect pose right can be a challenge. Follow these tips to look your best in any photo.

Instead of facing the camera head-on, stand at a 45-degree angle to the camera, then turn your head, creating a slimming effect. Hold your arms slightly away from your body (or place one hand on your hip) to prevent them from resting against your sides, which makes them appear larger. Stand up straight and pull back your shoulders. Place one leg in front of the other, and keep your weight on the back foot. This is a feminine stance, which also has a slimming effect. Tilt your chin down slightly. As you smile, think of a happy moment so your expression is more natural and less forced. Ask the person taking the picture not to take the picture from a low angle, which tends to produce an unflattering effect.

For group shots where many people are photographing you, make sure everyone is looking at the same camera. Above all, be confident. No one notices your perceived flaws nearly as much as you. And nothing is more attractive than a genuine smile!

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