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Vote '08 Crafts

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October October Fall 2007 2007


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the total voting-age registration in the November 2004 election was 142 million citizens, an increase of 12.5 million registered citizens since the 2000 election. Encourage everyone to participate in the upcoming election by crafting these Vote '08 T-shirts and buttons.

Tools and Materials
Templates (collegiate, flag, retro, stamp)
Transfer paper
Cotton pillowcase
Ironing tissue paper
1 half ball cover button (by Dritz, size No. 100, 2 1/2 inches)

Vote '08 T-shirt How-To
1. Prewash and dry T-shirt.

2. Use a flat, hard, smooth surface and fold a cotton pillowcase in half and place on ironing surface. Place T-shirt on pillowcase, with the area to receive the transfer centered on the pillowcase, and iron garment to remove any wrinkles.

3. Download template (collegiate, flag, retro, stamp). Tip: When preparing the template, always print a preview to avoid wasting expensive transfer paper.

4. Peel off and remove the paper backing from transfer paper. Place transfer on the T-shirt with the image facing up. Using a piece of ironing tissue paper, completely cover the transfer.

5. Preheat iron to hottest setting. Press firmly on transfer paper with iron, using both hands and leaning in with your body weight. Iron in straight lines, in side-to-side overlapping passes, keeping the iron in constant motion. Make sure to completely iron over the entire transfer, especially the corners and edges; this will take approximately, 2 minutes.

6. Let garment and transfer cool completely, about 2 minutes, before removing the ironing tissue paper. Peel away ironing tissue in a smooth, even motion.

Vote '08 Buttons How-To
1. Download template (collegiate, flag, retro, stamp) and shrink image to less than 2 inches.

2. Cut fabric to pattern size; center and stretch fabric over button, hooking into teeth at opposite sides. Continue to stretch fabric, catching evenly in teeth, and snap on back plate with imprint facing you.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Chris Matthews of MSNBC's "Hardball" for showing us these voting crafts.


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