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No-Sew Costume: Bubble Wrap Jellyfish

Source: Halloween 2000, Fall 2000


  • Bubble wrap

  • Umbrella

  • White enamel paint or white tape

  • Hot glue gun

  • Lightweight iridescent cellophane

  • Scissors


  1. Open umbrella. Cover metal or black parts with white enamel paint or white tape.

  2. For first 8 tentacles, cut strips of large Bubble Wrap on diagonal between bubbles; vary lengths by taping 2 or 3 strips end to end with clear packing tape. Tape a tentacle to inside rim of each umbrella panel. Now cut 16 strips of small Bubble Wrap 22 inches long and 5 inches wide; shred and twist 1 long edge of each. Cut 8 same-size strips of lightweight iridescent cellophane; sandwich each between 2 bubble strips; hot-glue smooth edges of tentacles to umbrella spokes. (Plastic will melt.)

  3. Cut 2 base strips from small bubbles, 10 inches wide and as long as you like; shred long edges. Cut 8 strips of small bubbles; shred 1 edge of each. Hot-glue smooth edges of 4 strips to each center strip -- each side. Tape thick tentacles to cross spokes at top of umbrella.

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