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Pinecone Mouse

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Scissors

  • 2 large pinecone scales (for ears)

  • White and brown acrylic paint

  • Small paintbrushes

  • 1 short piece of twine (for tail)

  • 1 egg-shape pinecone (for body; other shapes will work, too)

  • Craft glue

  • 1 acorn (cap removed, for head)


  1. Cut large scales into rounded ear shapes. Paint inner ears white. Let dry.

  2. Paint twine brown for tail; while it's still wet, twist twine around finger to curl. Let dry.

  3. Brush top of pinecone body with glue; attach acorn head. Brush wide end of body with glue; attach tail. Let dry.

  4. Brush acorn head with glue; attach ears. Let dry.

  5. Paint on brown eyes and nose.

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