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Kitchen Renovation Post-Construction Phase Tips

The Martha Stewart Show, May 2006

- Have the Dumpster picked up as soon as your major demolition work has been completed.

- When the work is finished, do a walk-through and thoroughly inspect your floors and countertops for imperfections and scratches. This is the last time you will be able to bring this to your contractor's attention before it becomes "normal wear and tear." Make a "punch list" as you go through the kitchen and set a time to go over it with your contractor as soon as you can so that the problems don't linger.

- Make sure you give the house a thorough cleaning. Dust cabinets inside and out, clean the floors, and wash the windows. The construction company will leave your home "broom clean." You may want to consider hiring a company that specializes in post-construction cleaning to do a thorough dusting of your house. Renovation projects generate a lot of dust.

- Locate the boxes you put into storage and start putting away your plates and dishes. Are there any items you don't want anymore? Donate them or discard them. You might find they don't work in your space anymore or that they will look better displayed elsewhere.

- Take the time to organize your space and place labels on certain drawers to make sure everything has its own place. You'll find that once you organize your kitchen, it will stay organized.

- Create a binder for all of your appliances and equipment. Know what warranties you have and where all of your instruction manuals are so that they can easily be referenced.

- Consider what accents you want in your kitchen. Are you going to add any bulletin boards? Pictures? Plates?

- If you ordered any window coverings, blinds, or curtains, make sure to add the right hardware. You may want to paint the hardware to match the trim in your kitchen.

- Consider the details. Add a nice bottle for your dishwashing detergent -- it will add style to your brand-new kitchen.

- If you always wanted an herb garden in your window, add some pretty pots -- it will add greenery to your beautiful window sill.

Most important? Enjoy!

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