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School of Fish Rice-Paper Prints

Source: Martha Stewart Living, June 2009


Set up a summer studio with a few crafts-store supplies -- rubber fish forms, delicate rice paper, and drawing inks, in brown, indigo, and silver. Hang the prints to dry, and then frame them as memories of the season.

Tips: Test on newsprint. Make a few prints from one inking, or re-ink each time for more consistent results. Wash forms with warm water and dishwashing liquid after printing.


  • Rice paper

  • Sponge brush

  • Rubber fish form

  • Drawing inks


  1. Cover your work surface.

  2. Brush drawing ink onto a rubber fish form using a sponge brush. Coat thoroughly but not excessively.

  3. Lay rice paper on form, and press with fingers. Remove paper. Let dry.

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