When you've moved, everyone wants to know where you've gone. Show them with a map-themed moving card! This postcard depicts your new neighborhood; a punched hole marks your house.

A new home is something to celebrate, and custom-made announcements are one way to do just that. Just be sure you can finish your project in time: The post office advises sending out change-of-address cards one month before you move.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Color-copy the map detail onto card stock. Stamp your address on the flip side.

Step 2

Find an outline of your home state in an atlas, and photocopy, enlarging if necessary. Cut out copy and trace onto heavy paper; then stamp a star in your vicinity.

Step 3

A map makes an attractive lining to the announcement's envelope. The card is stamped with a compass rose (copied from an atlas), and the new address is handwritten.


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