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Roomy Vanity and Triptych Mirror

Yes, a starlet uses one to prep for her close-up, but vanities are good for more than just, well, vanity. They store toiletries and keep jewelry organized (and having one means never fishing your mascara out of the sink). Most for-sale styles look a bit too glamour girl, but this smart, modern table is just right. You're welcome, dahhhhling.

Source: Blueprint, May/June 2007


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  • Nightstands

  • Plate glass

  • Paint trim

  • 3 wood gallery frames, at least 20 inches tall

  • Mirrors cut to fit the frames (order from your local glass supplier)

  • 4 one-inch hinges


  1. Start with two nightstands that are at least 28 inches tall; the more drawers they have, the better.

  2. Order a 3/4-inch-thick piece of glass with polished edges for the vanity top from a local glass supplier. The top should be as deep as the nightstands and as wide as the nightstands' combined width, plus 24 inches for the middle space where your knees will go.

  3. Paint the glass edges and the nightstands' frames; let dry. Lift the glass onto the stands (this is a two-man job, since it will be heavy).

  4. Remove the backings and plate glass from each frame and paint all sides of each frame in desired color; let dry.

  5. Attach frames to each other using two hinges at each joint. Screw the hinges directly into the wood, one three inches from the top and one three inches from the bottom.

  6. Insert the mirrors into the frames in place of the glass and replace backings to secure.

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