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Spring Bulbs

The Martha Stewart Show, January 2008

Even though it isn't gardening weather outside, you can still spend time inside dreaming about your spring garden. Now is the time to get out your catalogs and check websites for new plants that you want to add to your garden this year.

Chinese Jack-in-the-Pulpit -- Arisaema Candidissimum
The Chinese jack-in-the-pulpit is violet-scented and beautifully banded with soft green and creamy white stripes.

Corydalis -- Corydalis Schanginii
The Corydalis schanginii is the most colorful of the corydalis tribe. It was discovered in 1977 by a Latvian bulb expert while exploring in a gorge in Kazakhstan.

The Kiss of Spring Crocus -- Crocus Korolkowii
One of the earliest croci, the Crocus korolkowii has shiny buttercup-yellow flowers. It was discovered by and named for a Russian military officer who doubled as a botanist.

Brown-Eyed Fritillary -- Fritillaria Sewerzowii
-The brown-eyed fritillary has green, flaring flowers that grow from its foot-tall stems to create a curious and hauntingly beautiful flower that bears some resemblance to lilies.

Geranium -- Geranium Transversale Laciniata
The Geranium transversale laciniata is a tuberous geranium with elegant light purple flowers and finely dissected leaves.

Caucasian Nectaroscordum -- Nectaroscordum Tripedale
The caucasian nectaroscordum will wow onlookers with its drooping pink bells. Known as Persian honey garlic, it is a close relative to the alliums family.

Lipstick Tulip -- Tulipa Clusiana
One of the first tulips introduced to the West in the 16th century, the Tulipa clusiana was named after the famous botanist Clusius.

Special thanks to Odyssey Bulbs for providing all the bulbs seen on today's show and for giving everyone in our studio audience a 20-percent-off coupon.

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