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Job Chart

Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 8 2003

Tired of nagging your kids about chores -- and hearing the same excuses? A magnetic job chart keeps track of who has done what. The entire thing is designed on a computer, then printed on inkjet magnet sheets, which are thin and easy to cut.

Job Chart How-To
Design colored rectangles with the names of chores typed inside them. If you like, color-code magnets according to level of difficulty or frequency (every day, once a week, and so on). Kids' photos can be scanned in or downloaded from a digital camera. Assemble chore names and photos on one computer page, then print onto a magnet sheet; cut out. To make the chart, design a column for each child, with areas labeled "chores to do" and "chores completed." Print onto a magnetic sheet, and post it on the refrigerator, adding kids' photos and chore magnets.


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