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Winterizing Boxwoods

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2009


Boxwoods and other fragile plants are vulnerable to dry air and chilly winds, so it's important to protect them for winter. Martha shares two ways to protect plants from winter weather.

Burlap Teepees
Teepees made from burlap and bamboo offer the best defense for your boxwoods. See the how-to below.


Anti-transpirant sprays like Wilt-Pruf protect plants from drying out when evergreen roots freeze during winter. These solutions form a waxy coating around the plants. They're also useful in preventing Christmas trees and wreaths from dropping their needles.

These two techniques can be used alone or together for enhanced protection.


  • Bamboo

  • Twine

  • Screws

  • Hammer

  • 4-inch upholstery needle

  • Burlap


  1. Drive long pieces of bamboo into the ground, just outside the plants' roots, in crosswise pairs.

  2. Secure each pair with garden twine and one screw. Lay more bamboo across the top of the pairs to create a teepee "roof."

  3. Hammer small blocks of wood into the ground, lay burlap (about the same length as your bamboo) over the wood, and sandwich the burlap with a shim screwed into the wood.

  4. Sew the burlap seams of the teepee together at the top using a 4-inch upholstery needle.

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