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Eerie Eyeballs

These eerie eyeballs will add a mischievous touch just about anywhere -- from your mantle to your table.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2007


Resources: The wood plaque can be found at The wax buttons can be found at The ceramic doll head can be found at The Flora Lyte and naked wire LED light string can be found at


  • Old candelabra or candlestick holder

  • Wood plaque

  • 2-inch 1-by-2

  • Black spray paint (krylon)

  • Drill

  • Gray acrylic paint

  • 2-part epoxy

  • Black and gray eye shadow

  • Small wood block for mounting with hooks

  • Wax buttons

  • Ceramic doll heads

  • Shredded black toile

  • Flora Lyte (red LED disposable lights)

  • Naked wire LED light string


  1. Paint an inexpensive or old candelabra black.

  2. Add the doll heads, which can be purchased from doll-parts suppliers.

  3. Paint them with diluted gray acrylic paint to create a wash effect. Let dry.

  4. Using black or gray eye shadow, add detail around the eyes.

  5. Add a disposable red LED light. If you are using a larger head and need more support, use a round wooden stick inside of the head.

  6. Attach them to the candelabra using wax buttons.

  7. Drill a hole in the center of the plaque.

  8. Feed the naked wire LED though the drilled hole.

  9. Secure the battery pack to the back of the plaque with 2-part epoxy.

  10. Roll the naked wire LED into a tight ball and place inside of the head at the base of the neck.

  11. Glue head to plaque with 2-part epoxy.

  12. Attach a 2-inch 1-by-2 to the back of the plaque with 2-part epoxy, which will be used to hang the plaque to wall.

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