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Martha Stewart Living, September 2005

Make over ordinary finds with paint, fabric, hardware, and more.

So the table you bought last year turned out not to be the one. Or the "adorably worn" cabinet you found at a flea market seemed like less of a steal once you got it home. Not to worry. With new hardware, fresh paint, and other adjustments, almost any piece of furniture can be customized to fit your taste and needs exactly. 

First, identify the item's best features (convenient shelving, gorgeous glass doors) -- you'll leave them intact. Next, address what's not working. Does the piece have a boxy shape that could be improved with molding? Do the latches need updating? Think about making less conventional changes, too, such as covering drawers with fabric or combining two cupboards to create a standout armoire. 

Here, you'll find furniture makeovers for every room in the house. Some you can easily re-create yourself and a few require the help of a professional. Whatever the means, the end result in every case is a singular piece you'll want to live with for many years to come.

Dressed-Up Bureau
Padded Chair
Stone-Top Night Table
Hidden Workstation
Eye-Catching Cabinet


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