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Girls' Catchall

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Summer 2002


A girl may own two hundred barrettes and ponytail holders, but inevitably she wants the one that's nowhere to be found. A catchall solves the problem of where to keep these easily lost things, along with butterfly clips and jewelry. It makes a nice wall hanging, too. Ours is made from a picture frame with spools and ribbons attached and can be hung from a picture hook. Spools hold necklaces, rings, and elastic bands; the ribbons hold barrettes, clips, and earrings.


  • Unfinished frame with a wide flat front

  • Small, medium, and large wooden spools

  • White acrylic or latex paint

  • Wood glue

  • Grosgrain ribbon

  • Staple gun

  • Nail


  1. Choose an unfinished frame with a wide flat front (our 14-by-11-inch frame has 2-inch-wide edges). You will not need glass or backing.

  2. Paint the frame and some small, medium, and large wooden spools with white acrylic or latex paint; let dry. Glue the spools in place with wood glue.

  3. Turn the frame over and, with a staple gun, attach lengths of 1/2- and 3/4-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon to the inner edge of the frame, pulling the ribbons taut.

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