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Speckled Butterfly Easter Eggs and Boxes

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, April 2009


Tip: Give egg-shaped boxes a natural touch with speckled paint, butterflies, and a rabbit cut from decorative paper (or clip art or color copies). Some insects shimmer with glitter; others pop with vibrant color. Glued along the midline, a few butterflies seem to hover.



  1. Cover work surface with scrap paper.

  2. Paint exterior of an egg-shaped papier-mache box with acrylic craft paint as desired.

  3. Mix equal parts of a contrasting-color paint and water in a bowl. Dip a toothbrush into thinned paint; shake off excess. With bristles facedown over box, draw the handle of a small brush across bristles to spray dots of paint. (Practice on scrap paper first.) Let dry.

  4. Cut out butterflies from decorative paper using small scissors.

  5.  Attach a flat butterfly: Coat back of cut-out with Mod Podge using brush. Apply cutout to box; smooth using tip of brush handle. Let dry. To add glitter (optional), coat affixed cutout with Mod Podge. Sprinkle fine clear glass glitter; shake off excess. Let dry.

  6. Attach a 3-D butterfly: Fold cutout along midline. To add glitter (optional), coat front of cutout with Mod Podge. Sprinkle glitter; shake off excess. Let dry. Apply craft glue to edge of fold. Place on box (or egg). Let dry

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