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No-Good Frogs

These frogs are up to no good. They're trying to look nonchalant, but as anyone can see, their heavy-lidded eyes are ready to pop open at the prospect of a fly lunch.

Source: Kids Good Things 2006, Special Issue 2006





  • Rocks

  • Cement glue

  • Paintbrush

  • Tempera or acrylic craft paint

  • Non-drying clay (optional for support)


  1. Glue rocks together before painting them, attaching small stone features such as eyes, feet, or beaks to body parts before joining larger parts; attach whiskers and tails after painting. Cement glue makes the strongest bond but should be used only by parents working in a well-ventilated area. (Kid-friendly glues are less durable and are best for rock crafts that will sit on shelves.)

  2. Kids can design a project by arranging rocks until the figure looks right. Use little cushions of nondrying clay to support parts while the glue sets; bread clay works especially well.

  3. You can use either tempera or acrylic paint, but remember that before painting, kids should sketch out their plan: It's easier to envision what the finished project will look like if they draw it first with pencil on paper.

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