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Pinecone Cardinal


  • Needlenose pliers

  • 6-inch length of fabric-covered floral wire (for legs)

  • Brown and red acrylic paint

  • Small paintbrushes

  • 3 large pinecone scales (for wings and tail)

  • 1 acorn (cap removed, for head)

  • 1 egg-shape pinecone (for body)

  • Scissors

  • Craft glue

  • Red glass glitter


  1. Using pliers, bend wire into a narrow U shape (like a hairpin). Push in curved end 1/4 inch to create a heart shape for one foot. Twist wire to form a single strand, leaving 1/4 inch untwisted at open end. Form a heart shape at open end for second foot. Bend entire wire into a U shape for legs. Paint wire brown.

  2. Paint large scales, acorn, and pinecone red (cover scales completely). Let dry.

  3. Cut off rounded ends of 2 large scales at an angle for wings. Cut remaining large scale to form 2 points for tail.

  4. Brush curved end of legs with glue; attach to pinecone body, tucking behind scales. Bend feet.

  5. Brush wide end of body with glue; attach acorn head. Brush top edges of wings and tail with glue; attach to body, tucking behind scales. Let dry.

  6. Brush wings and tail with glue; sprinkle with glitter. Let dry.

  7. Paint on brown eyes and beak.

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