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Fall Makeup 101

The Martha Stewart Show, October October Fall 2007 2007

Makeup, like clothing, should change with the seasons. This fall, makeup is all about glamour, inspired by the looks of the 1940s and '50s. The look is more feminine, and very ladylike. It's about getting dressed, adding accessories, hats, hair bands -- an overall polished look.

Many women look good in warm or cool shades depending on skin tone and hair color. Women with warm tones -- orange, yellow, and brown bases -- look good in warm tones of makeup. Women with cool tones -- pink, blue, and violet bases -- look good with cool tones of makeup. Sometimes people have an equal balance, and they can do either.

Always begin with a simple palette. Start with a natural look first, and build color on top of classic makeup. Then add to the look by layering it.

Fall Makeup How-To
Using the Eva Scrivo fall essential makeup kit, begin by applying plum and black eye shadow. Next, apply bowed eyeliner using liquid eyeliner. Clip false eye lashes into three pieces; trim them to customize. Apply lashes to the corners of the eyes using eyelash glue. Then, finish with a rich, sheer lip shade.

The fall essential makeup kit, containing plum and black eye shadow, liquid eyeliner, and sheer lipsticks, is available at The Martha Stewart Paint Palette can be found at Lowe's.

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