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Doorway of Doom: Broom Garland

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2009


Two brooms wired together form an unwelcoming decoration on the witch's front door, which also has a border of little broom heads (bundles of raffia).


  • Raffia, by Panacea

  • Witch's brooms, by Celebrate It Halloween

  • 24-gauge wire, in gold, by Darice

  • Wire cutters

  • Masking tape

  • Sisal rope


  1. Cut raffia into 7-inch lengths.

  2. Gather the lengths into small bundles, and wrap 1 end of each bundle with masking tape to secure in a broom shape.

  3. For the garland base, cut 3 pieces of 1/2-inch-thick sisal rope: 2 just longer than the door's sides and 1 just longer than its top.

  4. Wire a "broom" to the end of 1 of the long ropes with 24-gauge brass wire on a spool; without cutting the wire, continue adding and overlapping brooms until you reach the end. Repeat with other long rope.

  5. For the shorter garland at the top of the door, work from both ends of the rope so the brooms face out and meet in the middle.

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