Our very own TV chefs, Wes, Angie, and Carolyn, share their secrets for getting the most from ingredients.

Wes's Secret: Uses for Leftover Herbs, Peels, and Zests

After using fresh herbs, don't throw out the stems. Instead, freeze them in a resealable bag. Before you zest a lemon, peel off a few strips and freeze them as well. If a recipe calls for ginger, save some of that peel, too. Throw all of these leftover ingredients in a pot of boiling water, and you can poach your favorite fish in this flavorful broth.

Carolyn's Secret: Uses for Leftover Wine

If you have some leftover wine, don't throw it out. Instead, pour it into a resealable bag and freeze it. It's a great ingredient to deglaze with. Just add 1/2 cup of this liquid to a pan in which you just sauteed some kind of meat and add a little bit of butter.

Angie's Secret: Making Glaze from Pineapple Peels

This chef secret will allow you to get the most from pineapple peels. Learn how by following the



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