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Fleece Costume

A wonderfully practical material, fleece is ideal for making imaginative costumes that will keep children warm and cozy while they hunt for candy.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


This whimsical creation, brought to us by Martha Stewart Living television stylist Cindy Treen, requires little more in the way of supplies than scissors, glue, and our downloadable leaf template; the costume is meant to be worn over street clothes.


  • Fleece in brown and three shades of green

  • Paper scissors

  • Fabric glue

  • Straight pins


  1. For the cape, cut a large brown fleece rectangle to about 20 by 40 inches.

  2. Using our downloadable leaf template, cut out leaf shapes in three shades of green: 16 light-green leaves, 22 medium-green leaves, and 25 dark-green leaves. Glue the leaves to the cape, in overlapping rows, covering the brown. Leave some of the brown showing where the collar will be.

  3. To make a toggle closure for the cape, roll a 2-by-4-inch piece of brown fleece to resemble a twig, and secure it closed with glue. Cut out a small leaf, and glue it to the end of the small "twig."

  4. Fold the top of the cape down to make small collar; secure with glue. Where the two edges of the cape overlap in the front, cut a 1-inch buttonhole on the top overlap. Glue the base of the "twig" onto the right side of the opposite flap so that it lines up with the buttonhole; let dry, and pull the leaf toggle through hole.

  5. To make the tree hat, cut out five leaves, and arrange them in a circular form flat on a table; pin together. Glue the leaves in place, leaving room at the very top for a fabric twig; remove pins. Make two twigs, using the same technique used in step

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