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Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


At children's birthday parties, the festivities always seem to end too soon. So, send your guests home with their heads full of memories and goody bags full of sweets and inexpensive toys. Martha and Zoe, of the Sesame Street Workshop, assemble these delightful take-home gifts using a stack of Chinese take-out containers.


  • Small pliers

  • Chinese take-out container

  • Colored beads

  • Tissue paper or shredded paper

  • Assorted party favors, such as candy bracelets, hair ties, chocolate coins, candy, lip balm, and nail polish

  • Ribbon or seam binding

  • Flower-shaped hole punch

  • Card stock

  • Waxed twine


  1. Using small pliers, unbend the handle of one side of the Chinese take-out container. Remove wire handle from hole.

  2. Bend end of the handle to form an "L" shape to make stringing the beads a little easier. Add colored beads to the handle until it is entirely beaded. Insert the wire handle back into the hole in the container. Bend the handle back into shape with the pliers.

  3. Line the container with a piece of tissue paper or shredded paper. Fill the container with party-favor items like those you might find in a little girl's purse. Close top of the container.

  4. Tie a bow around container. Using a flower-shaped punch, cut out a tag from a piece of card stock. Punch a hole in the tag, and label with a child's name. Tie the tag near the bow with a piece of waxed twine.

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