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Tailor Made

Martha Stewart Living, March 2010

Consider a man's wardrobe: There's a symphony of rich fabrics and smart patterns in an effortless palette of grays, browns, and blues. (No wonder it's easy for guys to get dressed in the morning.) 

The dapper garments also tend to be sturdy. So when it's time to retire old clothes, why not recycle them into handsome crafts? Instead of throwing away an ink-stained blazer or a torn pair of trousers, cut out patches for a simple-to-sew quilt. Transform an old tuxedo shirt into a pillow. Or use soft fabrics to create kids' clothes and plush toys -- all cute as a button.

Girl's Shirt Dress
Stuffed Menswear Bunny
Menswear Mouse Toy
Menswear Bedding
Fabric-Topped Box
Two-Tone Pillow
Water-Bottle Cozy
Patchwork Throw
Tuxedo Pillow
Drawstring Pouches

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