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Planting Amaryllis

The Martha Stewart Show, November 2009

A quintessential holiday plant, amaryllis is simple to care for, grows quickly, and produces vibrant blooms that can last weeks or even months. Follow these instructions for planting and you'll have beautiful blooms in no time.

Planting Amaryllis in Soil
1. Choose a pot with a drainage hole that is slightly larger around than the amaryllis bulb -- a snug fit works best. Cover the hole with shards.

2. Add potting soil deep enough so that when the bulb is in place, its neck and "upper shoulders" are just above the rim of the pot.

3. Fill in extra potting soil around the bulb.

4. Water well, letting the pot drain.

Tip: To care for the plant, water it sparingly until green growth appears, then water it regularly, keeping the soil moist but not soggy. Once the flowers open, move the plant out of direct sunlight and high-heat areas. If it becomes top heavy, add more soil or a stake.

Planting Amaryllis in Water
1. To grow amaryllis without soil, begin by placing a 3-inch base of pebbles, stones, or shells in a clear vase. Place the amaryllis bulb on top, and add some more pebbles around the sides to provide stability.

2. Add water to initiate growth. The water should be shallow, reaching just below but not touching the bulb.

3. Once growth begins, move the vase to a sunny spot.

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