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Ice Cream Scoop

Everyday Food, July/August 2005

Be sure to buy one that's nice and sturdy, since it's likely to get a regular workout this summer.

How They Work
Ice cream scoops have round bowls that shape ice cream perfectly; when a trigger is squeezed, a blade sweeps across the inside of the bowl to release ice cream easily. Some models have a spring-loaded handle, others a lever above a regular grip. Choose the one you find most comfortable.

Easier Scooping
If your ice cream is too hard to serve, dip the scoop in hot water as you go; the heat will melt the ice cream just enough. You can also find self-defrosting scoops that work with the warmth of your hand to soften the ice cream.

Other Uses
Besides dishing out ice cream and other frozen desserts, the kind of scoops shown here can shape cookie dough into equal-size balls or portion cupcake and muffin batter evenly into baking tins. You can even use them to form meatballs.

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