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Hortus Bulborum with Chris

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If antique plants-those cultivated for fifty years or more-are the artifacts of the botanical world, the Hortus Bulborum in the Netherlands is perhaps that discipline's greatest open-air museum. Each year, from early April to mid-May, the fields of the Hortus abound with more than 2,500, mostly ancient bulbs in an array of dazzling colors. Dozens of antique, or heirloom, varieties-including tulips dating from 1595, seventeenth-century daffodils, and fragrant double-flowered hyacinths-are preserved there for today’s garden lovers. Although they have no commercial value for modern mass-production, the purpose of the Hortus is to preserve, maintain, and archive this historical collection for future generations.

Chris van Keeken


The Hortus Bulborum

23A Zuidkerkenlaan, Limmen



Sally Ferguson

David Caras

Netherlands Bulb Association

Brooklyn, NY


Wendy Peleman

Area manager

George Hogervorst


International Bulb Center

Hillegom, Netherlands

Heirloom bulbs

Old House Gardens

Anna Pavord

"The Tulip" (Bloomsbury USA, 1999)


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