Martha likes to keep a phone list next to every phone in her house. This list contains just about every number she can imagine for all sorts of household needs: numbers for emergency services, local takeout restaurants, doctors, the TV repairman. A comprehensive list like hers is very handy in any home. Slip your list inside a plastic page-protector and hang it by the phone. For even more durability, laminate your list, using a laminating machine if you have one, or take it to your local business center and get it done there. In addition to her household phone list, Martha also carries with her an extensive list of the phone numbers of all her friends and colleagues, reduced by half and laminated, so it fits in her bag.

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Martha Stewart Member
May 29, 2010
Im working on this project...I also like a rolodex...easy to toss out the card when the numbers change instead of writing out the whole list again. =)