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Harvest Centerpiece

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This Thanksgiving, use a hollowed-out cheese pumpkin as the foundation for your table's centerpiece. The cheese pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata)—so called because its shape evokes the flattened cylinder of an old-fashioned cheese box—is most valued for its functional form. Filled with roses, dried leaves, eucalyptus, and bittersweet, it proves that pumpkins are good for more than just pies.

Find ideas for everything you'll need to put Thanksgiving Dinner on the table.

Making a Harvest Centerpiece

Magic marker

Cheese pumpkin

Plastic container, such as a take-out soup container

Pumpkin-carving tools and scoop





Dried oak leaves

To determine the correct diameter, use a magic marker to trace the plastic container's top opening. Carve and hollow out the pumpkin, then insert the plastic container. Place a frog in the container, and fill with water. Arrange the flowers, berries, and dried leaves, carefully concealing the rim of the plastic container.

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