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Caterpillar Headpiece

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2007


This caterpillar headband is an easy last-minute Halloween craft to make using a simple molding technique and lightweight clay.


  • Headband

  • Crayola model magic

  • Hot-glue gun and glue

  • Black and green craft paint


  1. Roll balls of model magic gradually increasing in size. You will need three balls of model magic for one side and four for the other side.

  2. The last piece should be made narrow into a tail.

  3. Stick balls of clay together, three on one side andĀ four on the other side.

  4. Make indent in clay by lightly pushing next to headband so you can glue into it when dry.

  5. Make legs using tiny pieces of model magic; roll little pieces using hands.

  6. Let model magic dry overnight.

  7. Paint caterpillar green and legs black with craft paint.

  8. Let dry.

  9. Paint on face.

  10. Glue legs onto caterpillar tail using hot-glue gun.

  11. Glue caterpillar onto headband using hot-glue gun.

  12. Allow glue to dry before wearing the headband.

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