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Shark and Beach Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a perfect dessert to bring to the beach -- they keep well and you don't need any silverware. Turn a plain old beach day into an event with these fun cupcakes.

Martha Stewart Kids, Fall 2003

Happy times with kids call for cheerful cupcakes. Easier to serve than cake, cupcakes require no slicing, no plates, and no forks -- and every child gets her fair share of icing.


The designs on this page start as Chocolate Cupcakes or Vanilla Cupcakes -- it doesn't matter which one as the icing does a real good job with coverage. Speaking of icing, with these cupcakes, we use Swiss Meringue Buttercream -- perfect for spreading in thin layers or sculpting into thick mounds (and licking from the bowl). The blue is just from food coloring.


The cupcakes can be baked a week ahead and frozen, but decorate them no more than a day before serving. Set up an assembly line, and put kids in charge of affixing candy eyes, gumdrop cheeks, and other trimmings. Pack the cupcakes in a shallow plastic container, and stuff crumpled waxed paper in between. Then dole them out and watch kids marvel for a second before opening wide!


If you are are going to be serving beach cupcakes, you might as well go all out and throw a proper beach party -- menu ideas, drink recipes, games, activities, and decorations...doesn't matter if you have time to plan or if it's an impromptu afair, we've got ideas for both!



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