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Monkey Party Decorations

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 17 2005


What's a bash without a few party animals? Select your child's favorite -- we monkeyed around.

Cull stuffed animals from kids' rooms for a simple centerpiece (and ask guests to bring theirs). Your child can draw a picture and cut paper bananas for Pin the Banana on the Monkey. A banana cake is decorated to look like a monkey; it's set out on the table with fresh bananas, candies, and banana-flavored milk.


  • Yellow lunch sacks

  • Candy and toys

  • Hole punch

  • Cord

  • Construction paper

  • Pipe cleaners


  1. Yellow lunch sacks become favor bags filled with candy and toys. Fold bag top, and punch two holes; slip a monkey bead or keychain onto cord, pass ends through the holes, and tie closed.

  2. Serve drinks in cups animated with construction paper. Use hole and craft punches to punch construction-paper circles for eyes, ears, and mouth; attach with a glue stick. For the mouth, cut a circle in half and leave a gap; for the ears, fold back a tab. Cut a paper tail; curl around your finger. For a favor pail, punch holes in a cup and add a pipe-cleaner handle.

  3. For memorable, fun invitations, send out construction-paper masks with details written on the back (the same oval shape can be turned into a pig, bear, or other animal). Use the template to cut the outer shape from both brown and yellow construction paper; glue together with a glue stick, and cut out eye holes. Then use the template to cut out yellow features, and glue on. Punch holes at sides; tie on ribbons.

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