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Sweet Peas

Upon arrival, immediately place sweet pea stems in cold water. Start with a very clean vase. Fill it halfway with fresh, room-temperature water. Add the included cut-flower food to the vase. Hold each stem next to your vase to gauge how much you'll need to trim. Remove any leaves that will fall below the waterline; submerged foliage can rot and encourage bacteria that shorten bloom life. Using a sharp knife, cut stems at a 45-degree angle so the ends won't sit flat on the bottom of the vase. This allows for better water absorption. Recondition flowers every two to three days: Recut stems, change the water, and add nourishment. Keep flowers in a cool area. To revive "sleeping" sweet peas, recut the stems, and allow them to stand in deep water for three hours in a cool area. To nourish flowers after the food is used up, refill your vase with a solution of one teaspoon sugar and two drops liquid bleach per gallon of fresh water.

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