Martha's staff shared these earth-friendly tips that you can implement in your daily life to help preserve the environment.

Jackie, Audience Coordinator

Working in TV, I find that we're constantly throwing away old drafts of scripts. So I take those scripts, cut them in half, and use them as scrap paper. You can do the same thing with junk mail. Simply cut out the part of the envelope that has no writing on it and use it as scrap paper.

Jason, Studio Operations Assistant

Place a container or bucket outside your window. It'll collect rain, which you can then use to water your indoor plants. It eliminates running your faucet. You can also use that water for mopping and cleaning.

Calia, Studio Manager

When you go to buy coffee, bring your own thermal mug, so that you don't waste paper cups...and trees.

Simeon, Utility

Encourage your neighbors to practice better recycling habits. Be the "green police" and make sure everyone recycles correctly. Or appoint someone you know to enforce this properly.

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Martha Stewart Member
March 11, 2008
I live in GA... so where can I get a poster like th one SImeon had?? I would like one work and one for home.